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Exterior window cleaning

We ensure that we clean off any bug marks, paint, and any other debris. We will then thoroughly wash, squeegee and buff all glass surfaces. We clean the window glass with a bio-degradable solution that is safe on all windows, including those with tint. We will wipe down all frames and sills, brush out screens and remove any loose dirt. The soaps we use are safe for all plants around the house.

Interior and exterior window cleaning

Our process usually starts on the inside. We will thoroughly wash, squeegee and buff all glass surfaces and clean all inside screens. Next we move to the outside of the unit and begin cleaning the exterior as per our exterior window cleaning process above. We will also dismantle basement windows and thoroughly clean all sides of glass.


Gutter or Eavestroughs Cleaning

Clogged gutters can be a much bigger problem than most homeowners realize. We will also remove and reinstall gutter guards if installed. As your gutters get clogged, they will cause overflow during moderate to heavy rainfall. The overflow can make its way into the eaves of your house and cause damage such as mold, mildew, and rot.