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Providing Everything You Need


Exterior window cleaning

We thoroughly wash, squeegee and buff all glass surfaces. We wipe down all frames and sills and brush out screens (if exposed).

Interior and exterior window cleaning

  • Thoroughly wash, squeegee and buff all sides of home windows;

  • Wipe down interior and exterior frames and sills;


Gutter AND Eavestrough Cleaning

We will do a thorough inspection and cleaning of your eavestroughs (gutters) and check the downspouts for any blockage. All debris found in the eavestroughs will be collected and removed.  If necessary, blocked downspouts will be snaked out, or carefully dissembled, unblocked, and put back in place. After every cleaning, we run water into the eavestroughs to ensure there is proper flow.


Having your eavestroughs cleaned twice a year will ensure:

  • water is flowing to avoid mosquito breeding grounds;

  • water flows into downspouts and away from your home’s foundation which can lead to basement leaks;

  • peace of mind knowing your eavestroughs are well maintained all year around;

  • your safety – don’t risk walking on your roof and/or hanging off ladders.

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